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At Jung Studios, we help businesses scale and improve business processes with world-class AI & IT solutions at an affordable price.

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Our Philosophy

Innovation Through Intelligence: At Jung Studios, we believe that the future of technology is not just in coding, but in crafting solutions that think, learn, and adapt. Our philosophy is anchored in the pursuit of excellence through Artificial Intelligence (AI). We see AI not just as a tool, but as a catalyst for transformative change in every aspect of business and society. We are committed to ethical AI development, ensuring that our solutions enhance the human experience, respect privacy, and promote inclusivity. Our team of experts stays at the forefront of AI research and ethics, ensuring that we deliver not only advanced but also responsible AI solutions. Our solutions don't utilize OpenAI API, or rely on external platforms, which our clients love.

Our Story

Jung Studios was started first as a sole propetitorship then turned into an LLC. Where me (Christian Blake - CEO), dropped out of college due to extensive relationships with clients.

I was a technologist ever since I touched a computer at 12 years old. I was fascinated by it, and never stopped using it onwards.

Jung Studios was created to provide top of the line development, service, and ideas all in one. Throughout our 5 years, we've developed over 100+ web applications, cutting-edge AI models, marketing campaigns, and more while saving companies an average of $300K annually.

Hear it from our customers.
5 Stars for Jung Studios

"We're a small team with few engineering and design resources. Every minute we spend on a marketing page is a minute we're not working on our product. Jung enabled us to test new marketing ideas quickly without having to invest our limited engineering resources. They got exactly what we were looking for and worked quickly to execute their vision. The response times were incredible and we were beyond delighted at the outcome."

Stephen Greet

CEO, Beamjobs

5 Stars for Jung Studios

"They have been a pleasure to collaborate with. They not only met our expectations regarding design, but also revised and met deadlines which is extremely helpful when trying to grow fast."

Mohammed Jarvaz

Founder, Stealth Startup

5 Stars for Jung Studios

"Their customer service and development work is great, we are looking forward to our long term commitment with them. I could not be more stoked."

Matthew Scott

Founder, Smart Locks

5 Stars for Jung Studios

"They deliver high quality design and have met every deadline with no faults, Jung has been extremely helpful in our design needs thus far."

Mia Viaklheno

Founder, Stealth Startup

5 Stars for Jung Studios

"Working with the team was an absolute pleasure. The key to any successful project is communication and they were extremely communicative, ensuring that every detail was addressed in a timely manner. Christian also went above and beyond to ensure integration was smooth on the BE, which has helped to drive substantial traffic to my website!"

Scott Lynch

Founder, Legacy Divisions

5 Stars for Jung Studios

"We have a fantastic experience working with Christian and the Jung team. We needed a re-imagination of a landing page we'd already done some design work on and their team delivered a super clean and modern page to us in no-time-flat. The back and forth communication was great via Slack. We're going to be tapping their expertise in the near future for some more design help. I highly recommend Jung.."


Ali Rexrode

Project Manager, NextRequest

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